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(I Puffi sono presenti nelle storie segnate col simbolo J&S)
puffi cover * Titolo storia italiana ( p.) / Le Châtiment de Basenhau (fr 1952)
---- During a jousting tournament, Johan, a young pageboy, sees Lord Basenhau tamper with the lance of his undefeated rival, Count Tremaine. Forewarned, the Count defeats, humiliates and exposes Basenhau to the King. Exiled, the fiery lord plots his revenge.

* Titolo storia italiana ( p.) / Le Maître de Roucybeuf (fr 1953)
---- Sir Hughes de Roucybeuf returns to his father's estates to find that much has changed — and not for the better: his father has disappeared; his brother spends his time gambling and drinking; taxes are high; and robbers pillage the area. When masked men try to kill him, Hughes is helped out by a young stranger called Johan, who is determined to change all this.

* Titolo storia italiana ( p.) / Le Lutin du bois aux roches (fr 1954)
---- For some time now the wood neighbouring the King's castle has been haunted by what the peasants describe as a goblin called Peewit who plays tricks on people and steals apples, meats and pastries meant for the King. Charged with catching him, Johan discovers that Peewit is in fact a dwarf and suggests that he try to obtain the post of court jester, but then his new friend is accused of kidnapping the King's niece.

* Titolo storia italiana ( p.) / Le Dragon vert (fr 1955)
---- Johan and Peewit investigate a town terrorised by a dragon.

* Titolo storia italiana ( p.) / Enguerran le preux (fr 1956)
---- A proud young knight arrives at the King's castle and Johan and Peewit decide to test out his claims of valour.

* Titolo storia italiana ( p.) / Sortilèges au château (fr 1956)
---- Johan and Peewit return to the castle to find the inhabitants sound asleep in the middle of the day, and nothing can wake them up.

* Titolo storia italiana ( p.) / A l'auberge du pendu (fr 19xx)
---- An inn is a welcome site for a good meal — except that it is Lent — and a rest — except that it is a hideout for brigands.

* Titolo storia italiana ( p.) / La Pierre de lune (fr 1955)
---- A wounded man arrives at the castle. He claims to have been attacked by an enemy while delivering a valuable stone to his master. Johan and Peewit take the stone to Homnibus the enchanter, but the enemy, who has some knowledge of magic of his own, is not prepared to give up easily.

* Titolo storia italiana ( p.) / Le Serment des Vikings (fr 1955)
---- While travelling along the coast, Johan and Peewit find shelter for the night with a fisherman and his family. The next day a Viking turns up and takes away the fisherman's little son. The two friends intervene, but the Norsemen escape. Then another Viking longship turns up and the hunt resumes across the seas, to the misery of the sea-sick-prone Peewit. All too soon, however, the two friends are forced to lend their hands in a conspiracy in which the young boy plays a vital role.

* Titolo storia italiana ( p.) / La Source des dieux (fr 1956)
---- On their journey back from the Vikings' lands, Johan and Peewit are ship-wrecked and meet a community of serfs made feeble by a witch's curse. For generations a mere walk can make them exhausted, and they are oppressed by a domineering lord and his brutal men. Their only hope is the Source of the Gods from where the water from their river emerges. Setting off on their quest, the pair encounter branching rivers, thick mist and a giant; and that is only the start of their problems.

* Titolo storia italiana ( p.) / Veillée de Noël (fr 1956)
---- It may be Christmas Eve, but Peewit cannot wait for the feast to obtain a roast chicken from the kitchen and will use any means necessary.

* Titolo storia italiana ( p.) / La Flèche noire (fr 1957)
---- For some time now a group of brigands have been robbing merchants in the area around the King's castle, and all attempts to hunt them down have failed. Sent to a distant town to obtain a golden cup for a tournament, Johan and Peewit come across the outlaws and are forced to join them. From them they learn that there is a traitor in the castle who supplies the bandits with vital information.

* Titolo storia italiana ( p.) / Les Mille écus (fr 1957)
---- Peewit's singing becomes too much for Johan and the King, who conspire to send him on a wild treasure hunt.

* Titolo storia italiana ( p.) / Le Sire de Montrésor (fr 1957)
---- When he acquires a falcon called Romulus, Peewit finds that training him is a case of easier said than done, especially when the bird turns out to prefer carrots to rabbits. Then Peewit is seized and dragged off by persons unknown, and the trail leads Johan to the earldom of Montrésor and a complex struggle for power.

* Titolo storia italiana ( p.) / Les Anges (fr 1957)
---- On a wintry day, Johan and Peewit find refuge in a peasant's cottage where the children take them for angels. Have they the heart to prove them wrong?

* J&S Il Flauto a sei Puffi ( p.) / La Flûte à six trous (fr 1958)
---- Peewit acquires a flute, which is bad enough for the castle's inhabitants, but this one has the ability of making its audience dance crazily before they collapse from exhaustion. When a thief steals it and uses it to commit further robberies, Johan and Peewit decide to consult the flute's makers: some little blue beings called the Smurfs.

* Titolo storia italiana ( p.) / La Guerre des sept fontaines (fr 1959)
---- Peewit's "shortcuts" lead him and Johan to a desolate country and an abandoned castle. There they meet the ghost of the late ruler of the land who explains how a witch's curse dried up the area's source of water and led to a total exodus of the inhabitants. With the help of the Smurfs, Johan and Peewit manage to restore the sources of water but then find that their problems have only just begun, as the ghost's (very) distantly-related descendants begin to fight over possession of the land.

* Titolo storia italiana ( p.) / L’Anneau des Castellac (fr 1960)
---- While staying at an inn, Johan and Peewit meet the Duke of Castellac who has just escaped after being held prisoner by an enemy for three years. He wants to find out why the ransom requested for his release was never paid. That night the Duke is seized by men whom he denounces as traitors; but the next day Johan and Peewit see him in the streets of the town, cheered by the people and accompanied by the same "traitors". So Johan and Peewit must travel into the lion's den to obtain the only evidence of a treacherous scheme.

* J&S Titolo storia italiana ( p.) / Le Pays maudit (fr 1961)
---- The King is in a stage of melancholy and nothing appears to cheer him up. In desperation, a travelling entertainer shows off a recent purchase which Johan and Pirlouit recognise as a Smurf! The Smurf explains that his fellow Smurfs are in danger of a "smurf that smurfs smurf". They thus set off on a perilous journey to the land of the Smurfs, which is not helped by having the King in tow.

* Titolo storia italiana ( p.) / Qu’est ce qu’il dit mais qu’est ce qu’il dit ? (fr 1964)
---- Johan tells Peewit that it is time to control his temper and even gets him to sign a document to that effect. But for how long can Peewit keep it in check?

* J&S Titolo storia italiana ( p.) / Le sortilège de Maltrochu (fr 1967)
---- Peewit comes across a dog which has the ability to speak! He explains that he is actually a human knight who was engaged to a beautiful heiress, only to be turned into a dog by a greedy rival. Breaking the spell proves difficult, and they have to call on the Smurfs for help, but time is of the essence since the rival is making his move on the heiress.

* Titolo storia italiana ( p.) / L’Étoile de Noël (fr 1977)
---- It's Christmas and Peewit is admiring the stars when one of them tells him that someone called Lucas is in trouble. Peewit sets out but a strange man is determined to tempt him out of rescuing Lucas, and what kind of trouble is he in anyway?

* J&S Titolo storia italiana ( p.) / La Horde du corbeau (fr 1994)
---- Angry that no-one appreciates his music, Peewit leaves the castle and goes to visit his friend, the young Baron Joel of Fafluth. There he discovers that Joel's steward is plotting against him. Meanwhile Johan gathers together the lords of the kingdom to deal with invading Huns, and the Smurfs are caught in the middle of it all.

* Titolo storia italiana ( p.) / Les Troubadours de Roc-à-Pic (fr 1995)
---- Johan and Peewit witness a young knight brilliantly fighting off a group of attackers, but when they go to congratulate him, he denies that the fight ever took place. However, this is just a series of incidents between him and the men, which he keeps denying ever happening.

* J&S Titolo storia italiana ( p.) / La Nuit des sorciers (fr 1998)
---- While visiting their friend Homnibus, Johan and Peewit save a young girl from a mob of peasants who want to burn her as a witch. In fact, she and her mother are witches, who are wanted not just by the mob but also an ambitious enemy who is determined to obtain some objects that will give him unlimited power! Fortunately, Papa Smurf is also on his way to the sorcerers' annual gathering.

* Titolo storia italiana ( p.) / La Rose des sables (fr 2001)
---- The King recalls how, during the Crusades, he and some other knights were captured by an Emir but secretly freed by his daughter who was tired of the bloodshed. Now, years later, the King learns that the Emir has been captured by brigands and, indebted to the young woman, agrees to pay the ransom. As they make their way to the Holy Land, certain incidents lead Johan to doubt the honesty of a member of the escort.

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